How to create beautiful curls in your hair for your special holiday outings!

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How to achieve effortless do-it-yourself curls for the upcoming holidays in 10 easy steps!


So are you as excited about the holidays as me?  There is so much fun to enjoy through this time, I thought it would be helpful to share some easy tips on how to add beautiful curls to your hair for those special events.  Let’s start from the beginning, as you will need several tools and products:

– a good paddle brush or vent brush

– your blow dryer

– a medium sized round brush

– hot tool such as a curling iron or wand

– a thermal protectant, a conditioning leave-in product, gel, and a finishing spray


For the following steps, I will describe some of my favorite products from Rene Furterer that we use within the salon to best achieve the look.  If you have any questions about what I am referring to, please don’t be shy and ask questions!  I’m happy to help guide you through it.


Step One:
Begin with shampooing and conditioning your hair.  I used our shampoo from our Carthame line from Rene Furterer to hydrate and soften the hair.

Step Two:
Apply leave-ins. I first used our Lissea thermal protection spray then our Lissea smoothing fluid leave-in for full heat protection (this is important to prevent damaging your hair from excessive heat); and finally our Gel Defrisant to smoothen the hair cuticle and to remove frizz.



Step Three:
After applying products, you will want to rough dry your hair until it is about 90 percent dry.

Step Four:
Style and straighten the bottom half of hair with a paddle brush or vent brush.

Step Five:
Use your round brush for the top half of your hair to both smooth the hair sections and to add volume.



Step Six:
Apply the thermal protecting spray once again to each section before curling your hair.  (Tip: spray from the middle of the hair section to the ends, avoid spraying at the root)

Step Seven:
Begin curling your hair.  You can do this either with a marcel curling iron or curling wand.  The thicker the iron the bigger the curl.  Wrap your hair around the iron while leaving about an inch of hair out at the end.  (Tip: a curling glove helps prevent burning your finger tips!)


image1 (1)

Step Eight:
Repeat until finished.  (Tip: alternate using small and big sections)

Step Nine:
Finish with a light weight gloss. I used the Glossing Spray from Rene Furterer because it is water-based and therefore does not weigh down your hair or give an oily look or feel.  (Tip: focus on the hair ends, and use the excess from the ends for the rest of your hair)

image1 (2)


image3 (1)

Step Ten:
Run fingers through and enjoy!


image2 (1)


There are so many fun things you can do with your hair to get yourself holiday ready.  Try these steps yourself working with those tools you set aside for yourself a the beginning of this tip sheet.  With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to whip up beautiful locks of curly hair for any special occasion!  And if you wish to add some beautiful coloring to complement your holiday look or would like some help with your styling, give us a call and I’ll be glad to work through your hair with you.


Happy holidays!




~ Megan