Can products actually do anything for dry, damaged hair?

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Can products actually do anything for dry, damaged hair?

Yes products can help with dry hair.  With the help of moisture and protein, hair can feel and look better.  If the hair has started to split, moisture can help lay the cuticle layer down, improving the feel and appearance.  Protein can help keep the pieces from splitting further.  Dry hair can give the appearance of frizz and dishevel.  Moisture and protein help improve the quality of your style and can improve the risk of future damage.  If used regularly a protein treatment can help your hair look better now and protect it in the future.

Our best defense against dry and damaged hair is Karite.  This amazingly rich mask, oil, and shampoo contains the highest quality ingredients which improves the potency of the shea butter extracts and improves its ability to nourish your hair.  The Karite line from Rene Furterer uses shea butter ethically produced as a key ingredient.

René Furterer first incorporated Shea into its KARITÉ intense nourishing mask in 1983.  A pioneer of the use of Shea, René Furterer wanted to honor this legendary active substance by creating a new supply chain in Burkina Faso for its Shea butter.  In 2007, René Furterer setup a new supply chain for Ethical Shea butter in Burkina Faso through partnering with a local Shea producing organization named SOTOKACC (Société Toussiana Karité Comestibles & Cosmétiques), founded by Nathalie Ouattara.





Through the partnership, René Furterer guarantees:

1. High quality Shea butter, produced pure, solvent-free and additive-free in the legendary African tradition, while remaining compliant with Pierre Fabre pharmaceutical standards

2. Fair, supportive and responsible long term relationships with the women of Burkina Faso.  To build supportive relationships, René Furterer provides ongoing training to women of Burkina Faso. By purchasing the butter at a higher price, the standard of living for the women at SOTOKACC, as well as the producers and kernel harvesters, has been improved. The result of this partnership is high quality Ethical Shea and an improved way of life for the women of Burkina Faso.


KARITE range





Give it a shot and feel the difference!  I know you may have lots of questions about what products may best fit your needs.  If you have any other questions and would like a hands-on demonstration of what may work best for you and your specific daily regimen and hair concerns, call us at (972) 396-5400 and ask for me.  I’m glad to help!


~ Lauren


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