Jovie Salon + Leonor Greyl

Our Jovie Salon family has partnered with the French luxury company Leonor Greyl to become their exclusive Leonor Greyl Institute in Dallas. We are proud to begin this new chapter in our story and each of our Jovie Salon locations will incorporate these luxurious hair treatments into our salon services menu with dedicated treatment spaces.

A family affair...

The story of Leonor Greyl begins with the meeting of two passionate human beings: Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, and Jean-Marie, an engineer and very keen botanist. Together, they share a common desire: creating natural hair care products long before the 'bio' trend became a hit. Thus, as the couple met in 1968, they clicked. Plants hold no secrets for Jean-Marie Greyl, who also has a degree in galenics. The idea of creating hair care products using plants and natural ingredients, not a mainstream practice at that time, catches on, and so the Leonor Greyl line was born.

The first 'green-chic' products were then conceived and quickly became must-haves: the amazing Huile de Palme (now L'Huile de Leonor Greyl), the Shampooing au Miel as well as the Lait Lavant à la Banane and of course the well-known Crème aux Fleurs… At that time, the most prestigious Parisian hairdressers spread the word to their clients, to the point where they started swearing by the brand that guaranteed a very special savoir-faire.

Visit Leonor Greyl

Exclusive Hair Spa Treatment Center in Dallas

Our Jovie Salon services menu will broaden to include the renown hair spa treatment services from Leonor Greyl. We are proud to hark back to our original French roots and to bring authentic beauty expertise back from Paris to our local community.

Discover more about Jovie Salon, a Leonor Greyl Institute, and these incredible hair products and treatments developed with 50 years of passionate care and quality. Ask your favorite Jovie stylist for a demonstration and understand why top celebrity stylists around the world choose these products for their artistry at red carpet moments, magazine cover shoots, and more.