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First of all, thanks to the models that came earlier this month. Just as we are serious about taking care of our clients, we are also passionate about our education! And because of Darci, Jacqueline, and Sharon, the class was a success!

As you probably remember, earlier this year we posted a two part post about the trends of 2012. Some of those colors, while they look like they would have highlights and lowlights, are actually multidimensional colors. So for this class, we tied those trends in the class and learned exactly how to create those colors.

The challenge of the class was to take our clients with one dimensional color and to improve that color into a vibrant, multidimensional shape.

For the client who doesn’t want highlights but would like to add some dimension to their one step color, we can go into a signature technique and create the look of highs and lows without making strands.

It’s a really fun way to make an one-step color that is more eye catching and multidimensional. The technique can be done with any.

The following are “head sheets” that each stylist filled out for their color on their model.

Darci went red

Jacqueline went honey blond

Sharon went chestnut

Next time you come in, ask any of our stylists for an thorough consultation of what this color could do for you!


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