What to Do with Thinning Hair? Your Personal Questions Answered by Lauren

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Everyone has a challenge with their hair, something that makes it a little difficult or uncomfortable to style. One reason I enjoy my work is because it puts me in a position to alleviate some of that unease.

One of the most common concerns clients share with me is how to address thin or thinning hair. There are so many questions! How to style it to look fuller? How to cut it? How to color it? How to treat it? In this blog I will address each of these factors.


First: How should I cut my thinning hair?

Avoid long hair styles.

It is difficult to keep the look of fullness and luster if thin hair is kept long. This type of hair tends to look stringy when it is longer, because it is hard to maintain bounce and the extra length accentuates the lack of hair

It is best to find a length where the hair is still full at the bottom and where the hair can maintain volume for the style. When the hair is too long, it holds more weight which will prevent the style from having volume. With the right length and careful layers, you can add volume without taking away fullness.


Second: How should I color my thinning hair?

Add deeper shades of hair color for a more voluminous look.

Lighter hair reflects light and a lot of bright highlights in thinning hair can take away from the look of depth and dimension in thinning hair.

Trying a softer brown coloring or a darker shade as it can add the illusion of more depth through your hair. This does not mean a person with thin hair cannot have variation, however. It just means it may be best to limit hair highlights to how bright they should be and their quantity.

It is good to have highlights with thin hair, because highlights can add the look of texture to hair which can help with the perception of more volume. Visit with your stylist and come up with a customized color for your overall style and lifestyle.


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Third: How do I style thin hair to look its best?

Volume is the key.

Volume is the key with thin hair. Lifting the hair off the scalp adds luster to the style. In my experience, a good mousse such as Rene Furterer’s Vegetal Mousse, which is not too heavy and holds really well, and a good dry hairspray such as Wakin’s Working Spray can do wonders for volume. Rene Furterer’s Naturia Dry shampoo is great to add more hold, too.

Wakin Working Spray  Lauren Styling


Apply Mousse to the crown area at the roots and a little through the ends and dry with a round brush or rollers to add height and bounce. When rolling, make sure you are pulling the hair straight up. This will create the most volume. When dry you can add a little dry shampoo at the roots, to ensure the volume stays intact all day, then tease a little where you have applied it. Finish with hairspray and enjoy!


Fourth: How can I treat my thinning hair?

First of all make sure if you are losing your hair that you see a doctor. You want to ensure it is not caused by illness or medication. If it is not, then don’t be discouraged as you have options!

There are different options for treating thinning hair. Many people believe that cosmetic treatments are too risky because they cause the hair to fall out as soon as they stop using the treatment. This may be true for some treatments, but within Jovie Salon we use and highly recommend Rene Furterer’s Triphasic and RF 80 hair thinning treatments for if you cease using the treatments, they will not cause more hair loss.

Triphasic is used for ongoing hair loss, hence the reason it can be used year round. RF 80 is used for jump starting hair growth after sudden hair loss such as pregnancy, menopause, medication, or stress.

TRIPHASIC regenerating treatment-vial         RF 80 concentrated serum-vial


These treatments are formulated with natural and organic essential oils and plant extracts. Triphasic increases circulation and provides the hair bulb with essential nutrients, regulates oil production, and protects the hair bulb. RF 80 also helps scalp circulation and provides nutrients to the hair bulb, stimulates cell renewal and production, and helps keratin formation. Both treatments have a base use time of 2-3 months per year, however in extreme cases Triphasic can be used year round.

Both of these treatments are wonderful and have great results. When used with Complexe 5, a scalp treatment that invigorates and exfoliates the scalp, and Forticea shampoo, a deeply cleansing regular use shampoo for the scalp and hair, this treatment can make a great difference for you.


I am sure there are questions or concerns about thinning hair that may have not been addressed in this column. Please send your questions to me at info@joviesalon.com and we’ll do our best to respond to all of your questions. Also, make sure to visit with your Jovie Salon stylist personally during your next appointment and she will happily work through your questions and help you decide which hair color, haircut, hairstyle, and treatment will work best for you!


Hope to see you soon,



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