We are all about COLOR!

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We are all about COLOR!

Many thanks to our visiting color educator Renee from Goldwell US who inspires our professionals with bold and vibrant hair coloring!  We are also very excited to introduce the ELUMEN pure pigment color addition, which gives you multi-dimensional and vibrant fashion shades!


Check out Becky and Megan, who model copper and violet red shades. Wanting to do something bold? Give us a call at (972) 396-5400.


Before and After pics of Becky.  We did a unique coppery red color to complement Becky’s skin tone and to bring out the highlights already placed through her hair. So pretty!


IMG_2070    IMG_2072    IMG_2069


image3    image1 (1)


Before and After pics of Megan! Violet hues of red hair coloring is a very fashionable trend right now.


IMG_2067    IMG_2068    image1


image2    image3 (1)