Wedding Services

DSCN0657-1-1-1024x768Every wedding is a unique and personal journey and we thoughtfully partner with you for your special day.

  1. Wedding Planner?
  2. Chapel/Church/Home?
  3. Bridemaids?
  4. Wedding Gown?
  5. Rehearsal Dinner?
  6. Hair Styling?

And not every bride has the same list, but the pre-wedding trips to the salon – and not just any salon – is on every bride’s checklist.

After all, a woman’s wedding is a life event both the bride and groom and their families will always remember. And the pre-wedding planning can consume massive amounts of time and considerable effort to assure everything is perfect on that special day.

Jovie knows all about weddings.

We approach the opportunity from every conceivable angle. We work in close concert with the bride-to-be, her family – and the groom’s family, too – to assure every wish is granted and every option carefully considered. We take pride in offering the very finest personal service and attention. We also take great pride in our ability to work within established budget parameters.

We are proud to offer the multi-talented services of Becky, our Personal Wedding Services Coordinator. One call to Becky at (214) 383-0020 sets the exciting process in motion and she is fully prepared to carefully and thoughtfully move the bride and her entourage through the multifaceted process.

Looking back, we find there are any number of reasons we traditionally score high when the time comes to measure the results. Perhaps it is the professional demeanor of our Wedding Services staff. We didn’t invent the word “pampered”, but one bride confessed she thought Jovie was “pampered” in French!

Then again, some brides fondly recall the sparkling refreshments that seem to be always available. Our stylists are experts in every way and execute hair styling gracefully, whether it be precise cuts or coloring or beautiful updos. Your confidence will grow as you move through the entire process. We regard this as a true partnership and we take pride in skillfully linking up with your Wedding Planner.

Here’s what we have to offer: