Jovie Salon: Voyage Dallas Magazine, 2017

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We are excited to be featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine as an Inspiring Story!



Today we’d like to introduce you to Julie and Jo Chung.

We began our business more than 15 years ago in 2002. Jovie Salon started from Julie’s want to bring the love, excitement, and passion for hairdressing as a craft with the care for client relationships and community she knew from her childhood and upbringing in Paris, France, to our corner of the world here in Dallas.

We opened our second Jovie Salon location in 2006 in the city of Allen and are proud to have joined Cooper Aerobics and Cooper Fitness Center at Craig Ranch as an exclusive salon partner with the opening of another Jovie Salon location in 2014.

Julie has over 21 years of experience as a successful hair stylist in our industry and has worked numerous shows at New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week, seminal fashion events for our industry that bring the best artistry in fashion design, hairdressing, and make up. She also invests herself into our local industry education supporting hairdressers in our community as a salon partner or through her place on the advisory boards for Toni & Guy Academy, Paul Mitchell the School, and Aveda Institute.

Through Jovie Salon, we also promote and sponsor Broadway musical productions with Dallas Summer Musicals and have sponsored the professional sports teams Texas Revolutions, Dallas Charge, and Dallas Sidekicks. We are also proud to support Children’s Medical Center, University of North Texas, and others in the North Texas community.



Our approach to the hair salon business is distinct in two meaningful ways:

We are passionate about our profession and devote ourselves to ongoing education and training, in a manner far and away more than our competitors. In our industry where most hairdressers receive less than 10 hours of ongoing education each year, each member of our team will receive more than 120 hours of ongoing education and training each year at Jovie Salon.
Our client care. We love our clients and work hard to listen to them, to care for them, and to retain their relationships.
Our business works because of our sincerity. Everything we do, from the people we hire to join our Jovie Salon family, the way we approach hairdressing as a craft and profession, and our relationships with our clients and community; all of it comes from our sincere intent to be the best that we can be, and to love our clients and team involved. It’s special for us.

Has it been a smooth road?
There have been some struggles along the way. The biggest hurdle for us is finding those persons who want a career in hairdressing and whom share the same passion for their craft as we do. We don’t have a shortage of applicants, but we do have a hard time finding persons with the right combination of great character and good work ethic, with commitment to succeed in their career.

I think all business owners have experienced the normal ups and downs and challenges of starting and growing a business enterprise. The downturn in 2008 was difficult for everyone and we moved quickly to better control expenses and to care for and retain our clients through that period.

We have sailed through several economic cycles in our 15-year history now and think the key for us is staying true to our original intent: to create a unique, professional, and inviting salon environment and to invest ourselves heavily into our client relationships, into ongoing and continuing education and training for our salon team, and into bettering ourselves and our industry as best we can.

We have been fortunate overall, having drawn together an incredible team of persons in our salon family, and we are grateful.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Jovie Salon story. Tell us more about the business.
Jovie Salon is a product of love for our industry, for what the profession could be, and for our community. We launched our small business from Julie’s want to create a salon truly unique and special in its approach to providing hair salon services and to caring for clients.

Let me explain: for my wife who grew up in France, she saw that every profession (doctors, lawyers, bakers, furniture makers) was considered a respected craft or endeavor. Persons in a neighborhood would get to know their local artisan very well and a trust between the provider and customer was created as these were lifelong relationships as residents would go to their local baker in the morning for baked goods, their doctor would make house calls when family members were sick, and so on.

Julie sought to bring that same artisanal passion and professionalism to her hairdressing craft and the same care and respect for our community as she experienced as a child in France. This was the genesis behind the start of our small business and this understanding and perspective has shaped Jovie Salon in our growth over these past 15 years.

We are most proud of our people in our salon family and our involvement with our community. We work hard to develop a kind and passionate team of salon professionals. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to our craft, whether it’s our work at NYFW each year or with each individual client who sits in a chair within our salons, we work hard in our craft to take care of every person.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
The industry is changing as more business owners have entered the competitive field without a background in the hairdressing industry. This has changed the dynamic a bit for young hairdressers beginning their careers as more salon spaces have come up that are purely for-profit plays, and are without a sincere and vested interest into the hairdressing professionals’ long-term career success or into the client’s overall salon experience.

This change in our industry prompts us to work harder and to do so in closer partnership with other hairdressing industry partners to create ways for new hairdressing professionals to develop their skills and nurture their passion into long term and successful careers.

Contact Info:

Address: Allen: 1201 W. McDermott Drive, #102. Allen 75013
McKinney: 7910 Collin McKinney Parkway, McKinney 75070
(inside Cooper Craig Ranch)
Phone: (972) 396-5400
Instagram: joviesalon