Frequent Asked Questions?

Clean, yet not freshly washed hair is best suited for beautiful updo and special occasion styling. For best results, client hair that is not slick or slippery, and that has some tactility to it from the natural oils from the scalp offers the best canvas from which our stylists can create gorgeous updo hair styling.

Please shampoo and condition your hair two days before your scheduled salon appointment and style your hair with minimal product the day prior to your visit with us. Be sure to run a brush through your hair to ensure there are no tangles or knots before you arrive for your scheduled appointment. If you have further questions or wish for additional direction, please call Jovie Salon and our friendly front desk professionals will offer more guidance.
We finish every hair cut service with a blow dry and styling at Jovie Salon to best present our finished service and ensure our client’s hair is cut precisely and styled perfectly for our client’s complete satisfaction. Note pricing for hair cut services always include blow dry and styling at Jovie Salon.
Our Kid’s Hair Cut service at Jovie Salon is available for clients between the ages of 1 to 12 years of age.
We invite you to call Jovie Salon at any of our salon locations that is most convenient for you. Our friendly front desk professionals are able to book your desired salon services at any Jovie Salon location to your preference.

If you wish to save our phone number for easy reference, our contact number for our Jovie Salon location in Allen is (972) 396-5400 and in McKinney is (214) 383-0020. You may also email us at
Jovie Salon is never open on Sundays as we close on Sundays so that our whole salon team may be with their families. We are also closed on Mondays as our Jovie Salon team takes this time to reinvest in ourselves. Every Monday, our Jovie Salon locations are closed as our professional stylists come together for scheduled training and advanced classes.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday each week and offer evening hours to better accommodate our clients’ busy schedules.
Jovie Salon offers professional in-salon treatments designed specifically to address your personal hair and beauty objectives. Some of our most common client objectives include:

• Enhancing deposited hair color and shine for overall longevity while protecting your hair condition
• Preventing or treating thinning hair and hair loss for clients
• Offering moisture and deep protein conditioning to repair damaged hair and to restore the hair’s natural beauty
• Relieving dry and irritated scalp conditions
• Smoothing frizzy and hard-to-manage hair for more hair luster and shine while offering easier daily style maintenance

Our professional stylists work closely and personally with you to ensure you have the best treatment to address your own needs. Give us a call, we’re here to help.
Continuing advanced education and training is a defining trait of Jovie Salon. The value and pursuit of ongoing training and professional development has been key to our salon team’s culture since we began more than 17 years ago.

Every individual artist of our stylist team joins weekly classes at Jovie Salon and participates in workshops, advanced academy training, and industry education events around the country throughout the year. And we do so at a level incomparable in our industry, far exceeding the less than 10 hours of continued education average hairdressers receive annually in our industry.

Jovie Salon stylists receive more than 120 hours of continuing advanced education and training each year.

Why do we do this? Because we love what we do, and we want to be the best we can be for our clients.