Take Care of Yourself!

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There is something I have recently discovered and it’s only taken me 25 years to figure out. When you take care of yourself everything else becomes easier. That may seem like common sense but how many people actually make time every day to care for themselves?

I know that I didn’t before. As recently as last semester I was not treating my mind and body nicely. I was not getting anywhere near enough sleep and I was eating lots of junk food because I was always short on time. It was a struggle to find the energy to exercise. I was exhausted.

amandaAs someone who struggles with anxiety, something had to change. During winter break from school I began to exercise and eat well on a regular basis. I noticed some positive changes. I had more energy and exercising really helped me get to sleep at night. I noticed how I had a little more room in my clothes too. But this isn’t about looking pretty. It’s about feeling good. Taking care of myself has better prepared me to face everyday challenges. Big problems don’t seem as big anymore. Somehow, things just don’t stress me out as much. Even though I’m back at school and busier than ever, continuing to make the time to take care of myself has been making all the difference. I’m not sure I would be able to survive this semester without making time for me.

When you are feeling great you get that little extra motivation to look great too. When I get my hair colored and cut with Elena it’s like I get to have a fresh start. The way I feel on the inside is reflected a little bit more on the outside. It’s really great to look as good as you feel! I encourage you to make time to take care of your mind and body. I promise you that it can only make things better!


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